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Ancient Temple Ruin

This Ancient Temple Ruin was once used as a spiritual centre as well as a fortress and shelter from enemy attacks. Now decaying and ruined from years of exposure to the elements
the temple stands to remind us of past, ancient times with it's two weathered and worn stone lions standing guard.

Perfect as an imposing center piece for renders, this model can be placed on top of an inaccessible rock, or nestled amongst a forest of trees and the two bridged sections are perfect for placing on water for beautiful and picturesque renders.

The model textures are based on actual photographic images and help to capture the unique details of the temple without the need for a highly detailed model with the added benefit of requiring lower system resources than rendering a highly detailed 3D object.

The texture resolution of the temple building is suitable for mid-ground and background scene renders.

The building is a complete photorealistic object that can be easily moved and placed and bump maps for all textures have been set up and adjusted for optimal rendering.