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SpeedTree To Vue Converter

A 3DS Max plugin script to convert SpeedTree animated plant models into Eon Vue animated plants.

Using the plugin you can export animated plants created in the SpeedTree program and convert the point animation data into vertex animation data suitable for use in Vue.

I created the plugin script to allow me to create plants in Speedtree and use those animated plants in Vue.

To install the plugin download and extract the ZIP archive from this page to a folder on you computer.

Then open 3DS Max and go to Maxscript >>> Runscript and load the extracted MZP file.

The script will auto install into 3DS Max and an icon to run the plugin will be placed on your main 3DS Max toolbar.

Below is a brief overview of the plugin as well as a tutorial video on it's use.

The Speedtree Model Button allows you to select your imported Speedtree model.
The Destination Model Button allows you to select the model to copy the animation data into.
The Convert Button starts the conversion of the point cache animation data into vertex animation data.
The Keyframe Selection allows you to set the length of the animation to be copied or to select a specific segement or time frame of the animation data to copy.




Plugin Example


Video Tutorial

The Point Oven MDD plugin used in this video is available from -