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Purchase Models

Purchase Models

As previously mentioned all of my 3d models are designed to be compatible with a variety of software packages and 3d programs.

For Eon Vue version 9 or higher my models are available from my store on the official Cornucopia3D website. These models are sold at a discounted price due to that softwares single 3D application use and user license.

For other 3D programs such as Maya, Softimage, 3DS Max, Lightwave, Cinema4D and Blender you can purchase my fully textured 3D models from a variety of the most popular and trusted 3D vendors on the internet. These models come with a standard distribution license so they can be used with the most popular 3D rendering programs and used on multiple computers.

Also available are Epic Unreal versions of my models for use in Games created using the Unreal Game Engine. These models come with an extended distribution license so they can be included in your Unreal commercial game levels and as part of your Unreal commercial games.

The icons below will take you directly to my online store on each of the 3d model websites from Cornucopia3D, SinetekMedia, Creative Market & 3dGamesReady.

Cornucopia3D StoreSinetekMedia StoreThe3DStudio Store3dGamesReady Store

To view individual models click on the links in the menu on the right. At the top of each models page you will find a a menu bar with links that take you directly to that models product page on Cornucopia3D, SinetekMedia, Creative Market and 3dGamesReady.

My 3D models have been used in Online Design, TVC, Film and for Interactive Multimedia and have helped many individuals and studios large and small with a variety of project needs.