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3D Models

Heaven And Hell

Winged Angel Urn Statues

This pair of impressive stone Urn statues in the form of Winged Angels would make a stunning design statement in any interior or exterior scene.

Featuring a classic roman stone finish with beautiful, intricate detail, they are sure to be a unique focal point in any rendering and can be used together or individually.

Mythic Horned Urn

Complementing the statues is an unusual and very decorative aged stone urn that would look spectacular in any interior, conservatory or garden setting.

The bowl with mythological horned and bearded heads has flora and fauna swags and a fluted square base. The Urn Pedistal Base is a seperate object which can be removed or hidden in order to showcase only the Urn.

The pairing of Heaven and Hell in the Angel Statues and Horned Urn can be used to great effect together or presented separately to create unique and visually striking renderings.

These detailed models are based on actual photographic images which helps to capture the unique details of the Urns with high resolution 4K (4096 x 4096 pixel) photo realistic textures and are suitable for distant or close up renders..