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Decorative Bridge

A picturesque walkway for any garden setting this Decorative Bridge can be used as a focal point for a water feature or a point of interest in a scene and will make a wonderful landscape feature in any of your environment renders.

This decorative, ivy covered, double arched, Stone Bridge comes with detailed Cast Iron and glass lamps as well as two large Angel Statues on either side of two curved walkway stairs.

Lights can be placed inside of the Lamps to give a distinctive look to any twilight or night scene providing a variety of different rendered uses.

The model is based on actual photographic images which help to capture the unique details of the bridge with its photo realistic textures and is suitable for distant or close up renders.

The bridge comes as a complete grouped object to allow for easy movement and placement and bump maps for all textures on all objects have been set up and adjusted for optimal rendering results.

The ivy vines growing on the bridge and statues are separate objects which can be easily removed or hidden if required and the Stone Angel Statues are also separate objects that can be moved or saved and used separately.