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3D Models

Classical Gate

A classical and elegant feature for any environment or garden setting. The weathered stone, arched Classical Gateway is framed by two small stone lion heads. The decorative cast iron gates help to bring a romantic and peaceful feel to any landscape render.

Placed at the end of a tree lined path or as a center piece in a flowering garden it provides a wonderful focal point with its two large stone urns.

This detailed model is based on actual photographic images which helps to capture the unique details of the gate with photo realistic textures and is suitable for distant or close up renders. The model comes as a complete grouped object to allow for easy movement and placement and bump maps for the textures on the objects have been set up and adjusted for optimal rendering results.

The two feature Stone Urns are separate objects and can be moved, removed or used separately and the cast iron gates are hinged to allow for easy opening and closing.