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A pair of heavenly objects suitable for any garden setting these statues can be used as a point of interest in your scenes.


Each of these decorative Angel Statues holds a detailed Cast Iron and Glass Lamp in their hands and one of the statues is covered with ivy providing a variety of different rendered uses.



Latest 3D Models


Hello and welcome to the 3rd model newsletter.


When ever I release a new model you will be able to read about it here first on the blog. As well as the latest release model, you can see an updated list of my previous 3D models as well as the top two models customers have purchases this month in the 3D Model Favs list on the right.


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If you require a model for Eon Vue, then all my models are available on the official Cornucopia3D website and are compatible with Vue version 6.5 all the way up to the most recent Vue version 10.




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The primary purpose of the Blog is to keep interested users up to date on news about upcoming 3D model releases, random musings and ideas, a look at what I’m currently working on, and occasionally some random off-topic rambling are all likely subjects of conversation.


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3D Model Favs


Here are some of my most popular models voted by users this month.

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