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About Me

About Me

Welcome, my name is Phillip Phair and the primary purpose of this Blog is to keep interested users up to date on news about upcoming 3D model releases, random musings and ideas, a look at what I’m currently working on, and occasionally some random off-topic rambling are all likely subjects of conversation.

A little more about myself and my background. I have always had an interest in Multimedia Design, 3D and Games.

I have qualifications in Design and Multimedia and have been trained in the use of industry standard programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Director, Eon Vue, Autodesk 3DS Max and Epic UDK.

I have been using 3D software for more than fifteen years during which time I have created poster designs for print, 3D models for interactive's and games as well as 3D assets for design visualisation and presentation rendering.

I have created games for mobile's using Flash, stand alone games for Windows PC's using Director and Multiplayer and Single player game levels using UnrealED as well as working on console games across various platforms such as Xbox 360, PS2 and WII.

The types of work I have created are diverse and include using Photogrammetry and creating Dense Point Cloud meshes for extremely accurate 3D modelling and measurement.

I am an official brokered artist for Eon Vue at Cornucopia3D and a registered licensed artist of Messiah Studio as well as a licensed studio artist at SinetekMedia and 3dGamesReady and a brokered artist at Autodesk Creative Market.

In addition to the above I am also a registered licensed artist for the Unreal UDK development software package and the Epic Games Unreal Engine.

So hook up an RSS feed or subscribe to the newsletter and welcome aboard. ;)