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Latest 3D Model Release

on June 10 in 3d models tagged blogging

Typical of the Art Nouveau style of the 1890 to early 1910 era, this Art Nouveau Entry encompasses the intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms prominent during the period.

When you want to make an elegant statement in your renders, this Nouveau Entry will really help to highlight your environments and provide a sense of style.

Semicircular, raised garden beds frame two striking metal doors with elegant statues positioned on each side of the main entrance.

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Gothic Folly 3D Model Released

on September 21 in 3d models tagged blogging

Follies began as decorative accents on the great estates of the late 16th century and early 17th century but they flourished especially in the two centuries which followed.

Hidden in a forest or taking pride of place in a formal garden, this Gothic Folly building brings a sense of mystery and grandeur to your renders and scenes.

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Free Vue Gothic Folly Ivy 3D Model

on September 20 in 3d models tagged blogging

These Flowering Vines were created for the Eon Vue Gothic Folly Model available from my Cornucopia3D Store. They are growing on the balcony and building are available as a free additional download to accompany the Eon Vue Gothic Folly building.

The vines were created specifically to compliment the Gothic Folly building Vue Model.

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Remote Sensor Panel

on Julyl 14 in Productivity tagged blogging

A custom Aida64 Remote Sensor Panel to help you monitor some essential system resources in your computer.

In order to use the sensor panel you will need to download and install the latest version of Aida64 Extreme Edition from FinalWire at -

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