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Latest 3D Model Release

on June 10 in 3d models tagged blogging

Typical of the Art Nouveau style of the 1890 to early 1910 era, this Art Nouveau Entry encompasses the intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms prominent during the period.

When you want to make an elegant statement in your renders, this Nouveau Entry will really help to highlight your environments and provide a sense of style.

Semicircular, raised garden beds frame two striking metal doors with elegant statues positioned on each side of the main entrance.

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Heaven And Hell 3D Models Released

on September 10 in 3d models tagged blogging

This pair of impressive stone Urn statues in the form of Winged Angels would make a stunning design statement in any interior or exterior scene.

Complementing the statues is an unusual and very decorative aged stone urn that would look spectacular in any interior, conservatory or garden setting.

The pairing of Heaven and Hell in the Angel Statues and Horned Urn can be used to great effect together or presented separately to create unique and visually striking renderings.

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New General Info Website

on September 01 in Productivity tagged blogging

I have just created a new general website of my work.

If you would like to find out more about me or my past or present work, click the read more button below.

The new site not only tells you where you can view and purchase my 3D Models, but also lists some of my past projects and work and has links to online interviews and publications I have appeared in.

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3D Environment Competition 2014

on September 01 in Productivity tagged blogging

Cornucopia3D and E-on Software are holding a new 3D Environment Competition.

Create an image of any kind of environment!

Images can be in any style and genre, realistic or imaginary, as long as the natural environment is visually predominant. You can use imported objects and figures, but keep in mind that the judges will focus primarily on the quality of the 3D landscape.

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