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3D Models

Praying Angel

Praying Angel Statue

A Praying Angel Statue, kneeling on a stone pillow all of which sits on a classical stone base. The circular base is ringed with decorative iron railings and a matching arched iron trellis. Flowering Vines cover the trellis on both sides of the Angel Statue.

The Praying Angel Statue, Circular Base with arched Trellis and Flowering Vines are separate objects and can be hidden or removed as required.

This detailed model is based on actual photographic images which helps to capture the unique details of the Praying Angel Statue, Circular Base and Trellis with high resolution 4K (4096 x 4096 pixel) photo realistic textures and is suitable for distant or close up renders.

The model comes as a complete grouped object with accurately placed pivot points to allow for easy movement and placement of the model, as well as each individual object.

Normal Maps for all textures on all objects have been created and adjusted for optimal rendering results.