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Latest 3D Model Release

on June 10 in 3d models tagged blogging

Typical of the Art Nouveau style of the 1890 to early 1910 era, this Art Nouveau Entry encompasses the intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms prominent during the period.

When you want to make an elegant statement in your renders, this Nouveau Entry will really help to highlight your environments and provide a sense of style.

Semicircular, raised garden beds frame two striking metal doors with elegant statues positioned on each side of the main entrance.

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Decorative Gate 3D Model Released

on january 17 in 3d models tagged blogging

A perfect entrance for any secret garden. This Decorative Gate with ivy covered, arched Old Stone Fence and detailed Cast Iron Gates with two large Stone Urns will make a wonderful landscape feature in any of your environments.

The ivy growing on the arched fence is a separate object that can be easily removed if required.

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Converted Church 3D Model Released

on january 12 in 3d models tagged blogging

An example of an 1820's Converted Church Building. Features include an octagonal exterior wall structure with shuttered central spire and decorative arched tripal chancel window.

Fine details have been captured such as decorative double front wooden doors and main stained glass window.

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Old Hay Mower 3D Model Released

on january 7 in 3d models tagged blogging

This is an Old Hay Mower dating from between 1870 and 1960 with an iron frame and cast iron wheels. A cutting blade on the right side of the mower is made of steel with guards and knives.

Also included are Wooden Paddock Fences, Old Metal Gate and Weathered Mailbox to help complete your scenes.

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